About Me

Hi there, nice to meet you!

I am an Obstetrician & Gynecologist living and working in New England.  Here are some quick facts about me:

  1. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.  Chicago will always have a special place in my heart!
  2. My bachelor’s degree was in Human Nutrition. While everyone else who was premed was studying molecular biology, I completely fell in love with nutrition and knew it was the right field for me. It’s also played a crucial role in my experience as a physician, since nutrition is a commonly under taught in medical school!
  3. I truly believe in #exerciseforhealth. The more I read about exercise, the more I am convinced it is critical to living a healthy and balanced life.
  4. I love to cook! I have a *slight* addiction to buying cookbooks and trying new recipes. Hopefully, I will be able to showcase some of those on this blog!
  5. I am married to a General Surgery resident. We both work crazy hours, but we have found a way to make it work.

My hope for this blog is that it will provide inspiration and tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as advice for those seeking to pursue a career in medicine.

Thanks for reading!


Disclosure Statement:

  • The information on this blog is my personal opinion. Although I am a physician, the content of this blog should not replace the advice from your personal physician. I do not provide personal health advice. None of my opinions or recommendations are affiliated by my current or previous employers.
  • This blog sometimes uses affiliate links, which means that if you click on some of my sponsored product links I will get reimbursed a certain amount.
  • All products reviewed are purchased by me unless noted otherwise. If I am gifted a product to review, I will mark that with a “c/o”, but the opinions of the product will still be my own!