July 7, 2017

One of the first questions that I get from medical students, friends, family, even patients, is why did I pick OB/GYN?

I will admit, I did not go into medical school thinking I would ever go into OB/GYN. Since I had studied human nutrition and had been active in a nutritional sciences lab in college, I was pretty certain that I wanted to become a Gastroenterologist.  The gastrointestinal tract, especially Inflammatory Bowel Disease, was fascinating to me. In fact, it still is!

At the start of my third year of medical school, I promised myself that I would keep an open mind about what I wanted to do, but deep down I knew OB/GYN and Surgery were going to be low on my list of possible future specialties.  My first rotation was in Pediatrics, and although I liked it, I could tell it was not the field for me. And although I love children, I found that I just was not good at being a pediatrician. It takes a very special person!

However, as part of the pediatrics rotation, we would rotate through the Nursery.  The Nursery team would attend all births and perform the neonatal resuscitation. When we went to a planned cesarean section for a breech neonate, I remember watching the surgery and feeling completely exhilarated. Even after the baby was born, I wanted to stay and watch the rest of the surgery, much to my Chief Resident’s dismay.

Luckily, after my pediatrics rotation was my OBGYN rotation.  After writing it off at the beginning of the year, imagine my surprise when I fell completely in love with it! I loved the incredible variety that you got to experience — from delivering babies, to hysterectomies, to clinic — all possible in a week’s work! I found myself enjoying the reading for the rotation, and it just felt natural to be among the OB/GYN residents and attendings.  One of the resident’s in particular, really took an interest in me and spent the majority of the rotation convincing me how great of a field it was.  To this day, I give her credit for inspiring me to pursue the field. By the end of the rotation, OB/GYN had moved to the top of my list of specialties.

Even though I loved OB/GYN, I still clung to the idea of internal medicine and gastroenterology. But while I was on my medicine rotation, I didn’t feel the same that I did about OB/GYN.  I just could not get myself as excited about it.  When I sat down and thought about it, I realized that my true

The only other specialty that gave OB/GYN a run for it’s money was Surgery. This completely shocked me, but I had a great time on my Surgery rotation (my last rotation).  I found the OR invigorating and liked the breadth of cases that a general surgeon could do. I especially loved breast and endocrine surgery. At the end of the day, however, I realized that all of the things I liked about surgery were possible to obtain out of a career in OB/GYN.

What was the number one thing I love about OB/GYN? The patients! We truly have the best patients.

I am passionate about caring for women.  As an OB/GYN, I have the opportunity to educate, heal, and provide compassionate care for women during their most vulnerable moments of life. It’s a field of incredible ups and downs. I cheer for my patients who have struggled with infertility and finally become pregnant and I cry with my patients when they experience the loss of their baby at 35 weeks.  I get to form relationships with patients and follow them throughout their lives — from their pregnancy and beyond. There are very few fields that can say they are there for such pivotal moments in their patient’s lives.

For all of these reasons, I chose to be an OB/GYN.


If you are considering a career in OB/GYN, or you have any questions about how to chose your medical specialty, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

By Lia